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01.01Yu In-tae took office as CEO
03.01Establishment of Hong Kong branch
03.21MOU with iHQ Inc, an entertainment company
05.02Opening of visa center in Jakarta, Indonesia
06.06Establishment of Da Nang Branch
06.14Opening of Staz Hotel Doksan
01.17SBS Entertainment program [Single Wife Season 2]
02.20MOU with Hadong-gun Province
03.02Opening of Staz Hotel Ulsan
04.19Designation of outstanding public disclosure corporations on KOSDAQ market
07.12 Production support on SBS Entertainment [I’m sorry, I don’t love you. Male friend, Female friend]
11.01Change in BI
11.09Establishment of Spain Barcelona branch
12.06Production support on KBS Drama [Black Knight]
12.30Production support on Junghwa TV Entertainment [Travel up for drinks]
01.29MOU with Zhangjiajie Tourism Administration
02.01 Opening of Staz Hotel Dongtan
07.04 Establishment of Xian branch
01.22 Opening of Staz Hotel Myeongdong 2
02.10 Establishment of Zhangjiajie branch
03.19 Partnership with CTrip with regards to airline ticket sales
04.27JAUTOUR Co., Ltd. incorporrated as a subsidiary company
06.30 Establishment of Kyushu branch
07.20Partnership with Skyscanner with regards to airline ticket sales
09.11Establishment of Shanghai branch
12.17MODETOUR mileage partnership with KB Kookmin card
01.10Establishment of real estate investment company MODETOUR REIT Co., Ltd.
02.18Production support on KBS Drama [Red sun]
05.12SEOUL HOTEL & TOURISM VOCATUONAL COLLEGE incorporated as a subsidiary company
06.20 Establishment of MODESTAY Co., Ltd. hotel management corporate body
11.14 Launching of Staz Hotel brand
04.02MOU with Shandong Tourism Administration
11.29Production support on MBC [Sunday night - Dad! Where are you going?] New Zealand version
04.17Take over of Hotel Robero (Jeju)
04.30Establishment of MODE TOURISM DEVELOPMETN Co., Ltd.
05.09Production support on MBC sitcom [Standby]
05.31MOU with Hanam Province Tourism Administration
06.081st MODETOUR Korea-China celebrity competition
06.13MOU with Hebei province Tourism Administration
06.22MOU with China Travel Service (CTS)
07.02Opening of B2B flight reservation system [MODE ABS]
09.07Production support on KBS Drama [Nice guy]
10.29Production support on JTBC Drama [Can we get married]
01.21 Opening of tourist information center in Seoul station airport railway
03.07Opening of Hawaii tourist information center
04.15Establishment of Beijing branch
01.29Establishment of Tokyo branch
05.10MODETOUR mileage contract with KEB Card
05.28CRUIZE INETRNATIONAL Co., Ltd. incorporated as a subsidiary company
09.01MODETOUR mileage contract with Lotte Card
09.11Business agreement with Japan Toptours
10.01Good stay business agreement with Korea Tourism Organization
06.19Establishment of Paris branch
06.24Establishment of inbound specialist corporate body, MODETOUR INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd.
01.31Consignment contract with Hanhwa Group tour service
06.05Establishment of London branch
11.28Establishment of Olive9-MBC collaborated subsidiary, TOURTAINMENT Co., Ltd.
02.16Change of corporate name to MODETOUR Network, Inc.
07.26Went public on KOSDAQ (Event name: MODETOUR Network / Transaction number: 080160)
09.17‘Love Loaf’ business agreement with UNICEF Korea
03.01Woo Jong-woong took office as the CEO
11.01Construction of Eagle eye (World tourism information service provision site)
02.27Construction of “Mode-ware”, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system
12.01Opening of MODETOUR homepage, https://www.modetour.com
06.18MODETOUR Brand logo trademark registration (Registration number 031942)
12.21Became a member of KATA (Korea Association of Travel Agents)
03.01Joining of IATA (International Air Transport Association
02.14Registered as a corporate body as Kookil Travel Agency, Inc.
03.15Acquired the approval of foreign travel (Seoul)
01.23 5 consecutive grand prizes in consumer-selected best tourism brand, held by FORBES Korea
04.18 Selected as a best corporation in KOSDAQ disclosure (Selected by Korea Exchange)
12.14 4 consecutive CCM (Consumer-centered management accreditation system) from Korea Consumer Agency
01.24 4 consecutive grand prizes in consumer-selected best tourism brand, held by FORBES Korea
06.22 Best Corporate Social Contribution Award” in 9th KOSDAQ Target
08.06 Recertified continuously 7 times as Korea Service Quality Enterprise (SQ)
10.24 Selected as IR excellent firm in Korea IR Target
11.15 Won the grand prize in tourism/travel area for the eighth consecutive year in the 10th Korea Internet Communication
12.01Won ‘Korea Fair Trade Commission Award’ in the 22nd consumer day anniversary ceremony
09. 27Won Commendation from minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism on the 43rd Tourism day anniversary
09.28Won 1st in Korean Standards Association Sustainability competition for 5 consecutive years
11.23Grand Prize in 2016 Korea Internet Communication Awards Tourism/Travel area, hosted by Korea Internet Communication Association for 7 consecutive years
12.223 consecutive CCM (Consumer-centered management accreditation system) from Korea Consumer Agency
09. 16 Grand prize in 6th KOSDAQ target service area
10. 27 Best IRO in Korea IR Target individual awards
12. 29 Commendation from the minister in job creation
12. 11 Commendation from the minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning as an excellent E-commerce business
12. 31 Commendation from the president for 2014 Labor and Management cooperation
02. 22 Awarded contribution prize by Taiwan ministry of Transport and Tourism
10. 16 1st in 2013 Korean Sustainability Index among travel agencies hosted by Korea Standards Association for two consecutive years
10. 23 2013 Korea IR Grand Prize (KOSDAQ area) by Korea IR Council
11. 26 Selected as one of the best businesses in Korea in 2013 by Korea Standards Association for two consecutive years
03. 05 Commendation from the president for being an example taxpayer on 46th taxpayer’s day
10. 23 1st place in Korea Service Quality Index, hosted by Korea Standards Association, for 3 consecutive years
10. 25 1st Korean Sustainability Index in travel businesses, hosted by Korea Standards Association
12. 11Achieved CCM certification by Korea Consumer Agency and Fair Trade Commission
12. 18 Selected as the one of 15 best businesses in Korea in a study conducted by Korea Standards Association
07. 01 Selected as one of Korea’s top 100 brands in 2nd quarter
11. 30 Awarded Minister of Knowledge economy award in Corporation Innovation Target
10. 20 1st in Korea Service Quality Index in a study conducted by Korea Standards Association
12. 061st place in Korea Internet Communication Target hosted by Internet Communication Association
02. 06 Awarded contribution prize in Taiwan Tourism Award Ceremony
06. 26 Awards in ‘ The 3rd Labor and management cooperation’, awarded by the Ministry of Labor
10. 28 1st in customer satisfaction in travel area in a T-GATE study conducted by Korea Consumer Agency
12. 01 Awarded President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry award in Corporation Innovation Target
02. 18 Selected as excellent travel product by Ministry of Culture and Tourism
08. 27 First business in the tourism industry to achieve ‘Korea Service Quality Excellence Firm Certification’ 4 consecutive times
10. 15 Selected as ‘2008 highest brand of the year’ in tourism agency area by Brandstock
11. 03 First business in the industry to be awarded ‘Commendation from Minister of Knowledge Economy for innovation of service quality’
06.22 Selected as a company with excellent management structure
11.23 Excellence award in 7th Korea IR Target
07. 21 Selected as ‘Korea Service Quality Excellence Firm’ 3 times consecutively by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
12. 21Selected as ‘Korea Service Quality Excellence Firm’ 3 times consecAwarded Minister of Labour Award by Employee Stock Ownership Association
09. 27Awarded Silver Order of Industrial Service Merit on 32nd Tourism Day anniversary
07. 15 First tourist business to be elected as ‘Business with Excellent Service Quality’ by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
12. 13 Won Korea Service Management Grand Prize in Korea Society of Management Information Systems
12. 01 Best travel agency in Asia-Pacific region, by PATA Tourism and Trade