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We will be a reliable company that serves our customer with humility.

I am Chong-woong, Woo, Chairman of MODETOUR NETWORK Inc.
Founded in 1989, the year of overseas travel liberalization, as South Korea’s first tour wholesaler,MODETOUR has been continuing its growth over the last decades based on the management philosophy centered on customer value and mutual growth with partner companies, and is now celebrating its 30-year anniversary of foundation.

I am deeply grateful to all of our customers for their continuous support throughout all the crises and difficulties in the past. Your support is what made it possible for us to stay true to our founding philosophy of virtuous management.
MODETOUR will continue to strive to become a humble, customer-centric company based on our 30 years of experience.

We will always be reliable servers of our customers, attending to customers’ needs and opinions with a humble attitude.

Thank you.

Chong-woong, Woo

With new changes and innovations, we are taking a big step toward the future.

I am Intae YU, CEO of MODETOUR Network Inc.
Realizing customer appreciation ever since its foundation based on the customer-value first philosophy, MODETOUR was the proud recipient of Prime Minister Award in the National Quality Management Competition, awarded for excellence in service and contribution to the growth of national economy.
MODETOUR was the first-ever in the industry to be selected for the award.

Now, MODETOUR aims for a greater jump forward, taking on new challenges based on our know-how and customer-centered value built based on our 30-years of experience in the tourism business.
We will build a business portfolio that maximizes synergy among our affiliates, such as the global hotel business and cruise and entertainment businesses, with a focus on inbound and outbound travel businesses, and strengthens our global network.
Further, we will develop various travel contents that can satisfy the changing customer needs and trends, providing our customers with a true travel experience that is unique to MODETOUR.

We are grateful for your continuous support and look forward to your encouragement and support in our new initiatives and innovations for the new era and brighter future.

Thank you.

Intae YU