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  • Employee ownership stock policy

    From the beginning, MODETOUR has introduced the employee ownership stock policy. Employees of MODETOUR encourage their own sense of ownership of the company and practice management to communicate with each other.

  • Support for various educational programs

    MODETOUR places great emphasis on employee's capability. As a specialist in qualifying travel companies in the fast-changing travel market, we offer annual education tuition credit to strengthen our capabilities and offer a variety of education such as MBA, leadership, language, and computer.

  • Support for Clubs

    MODETOUR actively supports in-house club activities to improve the quality of life of our employees. There are not only sports clubs like soccer, baseball, and marathon but also ones for hobbies such as travel, photo and wine and ones for the advancement of knowledge.

  • Retirement Pension Plan

    MODETOUR is operating retirement pension plan for severance pay of employees. The payment is guaranteed by keeping the pension outside of the company and retirement pension (DC) is also being implemented in order to support each employee's various asset management activities.Particularly in case of retirement pension, "estimated payment compensation" which exceeds a legal limit is imposed to support a better future for employees.

  • Flexible Welfare System

    Modetour establish their respective headquarters strategies under the vision provided across the company, and clarify the departmentteam objectives so that all personnel can carry out specific tasks. In addition, the company has a performance and capacity management evaluation system to focus on developing its own capabilities.

  • Study Tour Participation

    New employees can participate in a study tour within the first year of employment. All employees are given the opportunity to take a business trip to the desired location, and various overseas education programs such as fam tour and inspection are offered on a permanent basis.

  • Insurance Payment

    MODETOUR covers and pays for group medical insurance plan for the sake of the health of the employees.

  • Employee Association

    MODETOUR has an employee association and provides gift money for each employee’s celebrating events.