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MODETOUR enables each employee to carry out his/her specific tasks by establishing strategies for each division and clarifying goals for each department/team under a company-wide vision. We also have a performance and capacity management evaluation system that enables employees to focus on developing their own capabilities.

  • Performance-based annual salary system

    We implemented a performance-based annual salary system in order to assess each employee for their contribution to the company in a fair way and give reasonable rewards which will result in creating an achievement-oriented organization. The system was introduced in 2013 through rational decision-making between labor and management and has been steadily improving, playing a significant role in motivating employees.

  • Job Rotation policy

    A job rotation system is carried out in order to train MODE people with both friendly and flexible thinking for MODETOUR. Through various work experience, individuals can grow as a travel expert and contribute to healthy corporate culture.

  • Flexible working policy

    We have flexible working arrangements for efficient work performance as well as work and family compatibility. In addition, we run Part-time work, flexible work system, and on-site commuting.

  • Performance annual salary system

    Modetour establish their respective headquarters strategies under the vision provided across the company, and clarify the departmentteam objectives so that all personnel can carry out specific tasks. In addition, the company has a performance and capacity management evaluation system to focus on developing its own capabilities.

  • Performance-based pay policy

    MODETOUR operates a PI / PS system to share with employees about creating excess profits. PI is an incentive that is paid twice a year when it achieves the peak season in winter and summer, and PS is a profit-sharing system that is paid once a year for exceeding the annual target

  • Career Development Policy (CDP)

    A comprehensive human resources management system, CDP, which supports individual growth through employee competency development and efficient career management, is operated. Through these activities, employees are encouraged to work together with the company to set up the milestone and practice the necessary knowledge and education as well as setting the direction for career development.

  • Grievance settlement policy

    Grievance settlement system is operated in order to support healthy work life. If there should be difficulties in terms of working conditions and personnel management, we operate in cooperation with the labor union as part of our internal accusation to practice ethical management.

  • Mentoring policy

    For early adaptation to new employees, a new mentor is assigned to a new employee, and a "mentoring policy" will be run so that employees can adapt to their lives as within the department without any problems.