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Management Support Department of management support job is classified into accounting, secretary job, personnel affairs, inspection and legal affairs.
Department of accounting and inspection increases the company value by supporting transparent management of the company.
Department of general affairs supports management by effectively operating movable assets of the company and stably maintaining communication equipment.
Department of personnel affairs includes recruiting, HRM and HRD; HRM is in charge of personnel planning, evaluation/reward /labor, while HRD is in charge of training, career development, and organizational culture.
Department of legal affairs backs stable management up by offering legal counsel and external judicial services.
Head Office
Marketing Marketing section is classified into several duties: brand management, CRM, business marketing planning, and more.
Brand management contributes to the enhancement of brand value in order to achieve the corporate's vision
CRM maintains a constant and happy relationship with customers so that customer's satisfaction can be maximized.
Business marketing planning analyzes customers’ needs, establishes marketing strategies which are developed in business division, and conducts planning activity in order to improve the productivity of business section.
Head Office
Airline Airline section is divided into airline planning, airline sales, ticketing, and more.
Airline plan is in charge of planning tasks which are designed to accomplish the ticket sales goal and increase the productivity.
Airline sales maintain a smooth relationship with the airline and contribute to the achievement of sales through stable airline reservation.
Ticketing yields revenue through consulting for the purchase of tickets and sales.
Head Office /
National Branch
Goods Goods section is separated into Supply Management, Merchandiser, Operator, and several more duties.
Supply Management manages the supply chain for elements of the travel products (hotel, travel, etc.) in order to maximize sales.
Merchandiser is in charge of analyzing travel trend and customer needs, establishing a promotional strategy, and managing the distribution work.
Operator responds to the inquiries of sales staff and confirms reservations of travel product components (hotel, guide, restaurants, travel destinations, and etc.) so that it can contribute to sales by operating schedule without problems.
Head Office
Sales Sales section is divided into agency sales, affiliate sales, corporate sales, OP, and more duties.
Agency sales support promotional activities and sales management for travel agencies nationwide.
Affiliate sales conduct sales activities with other corporates for general customers and take care of promotional activities for affiliate sales and related system management.
Corporate sales in charge of sales duties which attracts corporate's business trips, events, and fairs.
OP takes care of supporting business managers through reservation management, consulting, and more duties.
Head Office /
National Branch
Service Service section can be distinguished into customer satisfaction, sending, customer (travel) consultation, and more duties.
Customer satisfaction section manages customer's service satisfactory level and conducts plans for further improvements.
Sending duties informs customers in airports before travel so that they can have safe and comfortable travel and delivers presents and documents required during travel.
The customer (travel) consultation performs sales activities such as product description, reservation management, etc. for customers who inquire about travel products on the bounding path (telephone, visit, website, etc.).
Head Office / Airport
IT IT section is divided into IT strategic plan, ERP development, web development, web design, and several more duties.
IT strategic plan designs ideas and make a plan for task productivity.
ERP development is a task of supporting efficient resource management by developing and operating its own ERP (enterprise resource management) system.
Web development and Web design are tasks of developing and running the home-page to advertise and promote MODETOUR.
Head Office